Wind turbines and their components are exposed to a number of challenging environmental conditions such as corrosion, dust, moisture, ultraviolet radiation, and temperature variations that drive condensation and evaporation of moisture. Protecting these components is essential to assure a long, low-maintenance life.

RIE Coatings has been coating parts for Wind Energy Industry for years. We can help you find the right solution for your Wind Energy project — no matter how big or small.



RIE Coating has a line of parts coatings perfectly suited for the Solar Energy Industry.  These applications of UV resistant, high moisture barrier adhesive-coatings are specifically engineered to be compatible with the melt-bonding process to advance the speed of manufacturing that has been a hurdle in reducing the cost of solar applications. excellent UV resistant coating system that is suitable for harsh outdoor environments. This chrome free system combines a zinc rich base coat & organic top coat. Friction modifiers have been incorporated into the top coat to provide uniform and consistent torque/tension.



RIE Coatings has been coating parts for Agricultural Equipment for years. The Ag Industry presents unique coating challenges and specifications. We’ve been around. We’ve seen it all. Let us help you provide the best coating solution for your Agricultural Equipment parts.



RIE Coatings has been working closely with the Department of Defense as they push to eliminate to use of hexavalent chrome containing products as well as heavy metals, such as cadmium. A memo released by the DoD in April of 2009 called for all department heads to submit plans to the Secretary of Defense on how they will comply with the proposed changes. VISIT OUR MILITARY PAGE FOR MORE INFO…



The recreational industry may be all about providing fun, but it’s serious business with serious engineering challenges. RIE Coatings works with many suppliers in this space to provide sate-of-the-art coatings for their parts — keeping the fun going, with optimal performance and minimal down time.

Heavy Trucks and Equipment


RIE Coatings coats parts for Heavy Trucks and Equipment, helping protect them from corrosion and extending the life of the equipment. Equipment with parts that are coated not only last longer but are easier to work on. No matter how you coat it, RIE is a great solution.